Behind the Scenes: The Art and Craft of Cinema 11/21-24 with Randy Thom

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Randy Thom at the BAM/PFA



Behind the Scenes:
The Art and Craft of Cinema Randy Thom, Sound Designer
November 21–24
Academy Award–winner Randy Thom, lead designer at Skywalker Sound, takes us behind-the scenes of sound design with a presentation focusing on David Lynch’s Wild at Heart. He also introduces Dennis Hopper’s Colors and Brad Bird’s The Incredibles, which won Thom one of his Oscars for Best Sound Editing.
Thursday / 11.21.13
7:00 Behind the Scenes:
Randy Thom on Sound Design

followed by Wild at Heart
Two-time Academy Award recipient Randy Thom speaks on the art of sound design, and his own working experiences on films like Apocalypse Now, The Empire Strikes Back, The Right Stuff, and The Incredibles. Followed by David Lynch’s crazed neonoir, Wild at Heart. (127 mins, plus presentation)
Saturday / 11.23.13
6:00 Colors
Dennis Hopper (U.S., 1988)

Introduction Randy Thom
East and South Central L.A. supply the streets on fire in Dennis Hopper’s gritty police procedural teaming veteran cop Bob Hodges (Robert Duvall) with brash rookie Danny McGavin (Sean Penn). (120 mins)
Sunday / 11.24.13
3:00 The Incredibles
Brad Bird (U.S., 2004)

Recommended for ages 7 & up
Introduction Randy Thom
Meet the Incredibles, just a normal suburban family except for one thing: they’re all superheroes. This joyous Pixar pic won the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing. (115 mins)
1 Wild at Heart, 11.21.13, 2 The Incredibles, 11.24.13. Behind the Scenes is a collaboration between BAM/PFA and the San Francisco Film Society. Major support is provided by the National Endowment for the Arts. UC BERKELEY ART MUSEUM & PACIFIC FILM ARCHIVE
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