Update about General Education Courses

November 8, 2013 in Academics, Announcements by vicki

Greetings Ex’pression Students,

Earlier this year we said that General Education Courses would come on-ground (on campus) for at least two terms. During the time on-ground we have learned about the importance for some students to have face-to-face time with their instructors in a classroom setting. We have heard and seen that students, staff, and faculty enjoy the social experience in which we are seeing that Instructors build a stronger connection with the students. The result is that more students are succeeding in their courses. This has been taken into account as we began working to redesign the courses with our new online learning platform. With your academic success in mind the General Education Courses are to be delivered in a blended or hybrid delivery format. A blended format combines online and on-ground delivery throughout the term. For our General Education courses, three weeks where on-ground sessions will be held at each campus. Attendance is required for the on-ground sessions. These sessions are scheduled for the first and last week of the term and the middle of the term. The remainder of the course is online and requires several interactions in order to be marked present for those weeks. Details will be online and reviewed by the instructor for each course.

We are launching the first course to have gone through the redesign for blended delivery this coming term. Critical Studies: Analytical Writing and Literature is the first course using the blended format. If you are registered for that course you will get an email from Carol Treadwell, the Course Director. Orientation to Canvas, the online platform, is scheduled for the first day during week one.

Yes, this means all other General Education courses remain fully on-ground for at least one more term. Some will be on-ground for two more terms. I will send out another email to you announcing the courses and their blended launch. Your cooperation and patience during this process is appreciated.

If you have any questions please let me know. We are scheduling student forums during the next term and look forward to feedback and questions.

Dr. Ron Hansen
Dean of Academic Affairs
Ex’pression College