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Hey there, my name is Alessandra Bird and this is my Nest.


A little about me; ever since I can remember everyone has told me that I have a big wild imagination; and I love that I do. An imagination can carry you through your whole life. Your imagination grows and learns as you do but can also take you back to your youth. Anything can happen in your imagination, just like anything can happen in a movie. George Lucas made an entire galaxy out of his imagination, Hayao Miyazaki took his fantasy and brought it to our world, Tim Burton took our nightmares and made them dreams, and Walt Disney took our childhood and show it to us. I want the opportunity to see where my imagination will take me; I want to be able to take my imagination and bring it to life. This is why I am enrolled as an Animation Visual Effects major at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts.


As a child my dad would take me to the movies almost every weekend; it was here that my love sprouted. Seeing all these fantastic places and amazing adventures made my imagination soar and still makes me want to go on an adventure. These movies helped shape me; as a child I would watch movies every day. I would sit watching, learning, and analyzing everything, listening to their scores; watching the background; figuring out what the story really meant and what it was trying to teach me. As I have grown I realized how much of an impact all the movies have had on me. The lessons they taught me; teaching me to help others, go an journeys, and try to change the world. I want to give to the next generation what I was given, I want to help mold the world and teach the lessons that I have been taught.




  • My name is Karishma Kumar and I am a student at Expression College of the Digital Arts.
  • My major is Interactive Audio, and I plan on learning in Sound Arts as well. As for a career, I am undecided but I am definitely leaning towards the film industry.
  • I have many interests in a lot of things, but mostly listening to many kinds of music and watching most movies. This is how I came into interest with sound arts and movies.
  • After many ideas of what I wanted to do as a career, I finally decided that I wanted to do something in sound and arts. So now I’m here!



Hello everyone, I am Frederick Price. Aside from being a Sergeant in the United States Army, I am an Artist of many forms: sketch, graphic, painter, comic book, and martial artist. I am an enthuiast on subjects like philosophy on current events of interesting tastes like politics, religion, lifestyles, health&wellness/fitness, history, science, etc.

I grew up in Oakland, California and have learned many trades from machining & welding to providing care to children, adults and disabled peoples.

I attend Ex’pression College because I want to be able to create my own professional cartoon series via Animation and Visual Effects. What drives me creatively is the need to express some of the awesome yet dormant qualities in African Americans through positive imagery such as cartoons and comic books.I see myself owning a reputable comic book publishing company and animation studio as well as becoming a business owner and investor. My biggest influences are Robert Kiyosaki, Imam Faheem Shuaibe, Dr. Malachi York, and Akira Toriyama.

I create Characters that embody positive traits for human development to influence the African American youth to be better individuals in the future.



Hello, my name is Savannah Hill, and I am an Ex’pression college student. I am currently in the Interactive Audio program working on a Bachelors of Science in Audio Engineering. Some of my musical influences are Maxence Cyrin, Frank Sinatra, Enigma, My Chemical Romance, Yuna, The Used, Incubus, Hoobastank, Muse, The Beatles, and Claude Debussy. As for my film influences, I thoroughly respect and feel inspired by Pixar, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Wes Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, and Lucas Films. My all time favorite silent film is “A Trip to the Moon.”


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  • June 3, 2015 at 10:53 am

    tell us about a particular movie that made an impression on you!

  • May 20, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Awesome bio! Love the examples you used as inspirations, along with detailed concept.

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