Destined for Each Other

Destined for Each Other

Otto Bird and Esther Munoz both lived 2 blocks from each other in Nicaragua and both attended private school (a huge deviation from the norm of their neighborhood), however they were brother and sister schools. When they were both 17 they immigrated out of Nicaragua and moved to San Francisco, both using a fake address  so they could go to Serramonte High School. However it was not until their senior year of high school that Otto and Esther Bird would meet each other, finishing what destiny had been trying to do since they were little. These destined lovers are still 41 years later deeply in love and happy together.


295606_2083824066828_4452541_n My Lito amazes me all the time with how much he loves and cares for everyone, even when someone has wronged him he will say “I feel so bad for them”. He only wants happiness for everyone and that is why he is one of the happiest people I know.


527652_421047657917766_759640329_n  This women is one of the strongest and most loving people I have ever met. She has always been there for me, believing in me and it’s that belief   and love that keeps me going when everyone else says no. She has been such an inspiration in my life and in everything I do.

Bigger than Planned

Bigger than Planned

I have approximately 10 uncles, 17 cousins, and 13 aunts…now blood related to me I only have 2 uncles, 1 aunt and 2 cousins. My family has always been bigger than who is “truly” related to me, and it has been that way since before I was born. My Lita and Lito have never turned their home away from anyone and have always treated anyone who is in their home like family; because they are this way our family had expanded much farther than our blood. Almost all of my father and uncles friends have at one time lived with my grandparents, and that is why they are highly respected my all my uncles and are treated as parents to all. Im happy that my family is as big as it is because we all are there for each other no matter what and all love each other unconditionally, no matter where you are family will always be around to be there to help you. We always say blood doesn’t make you family, loyalty makes you family.

Meet The Family




Esther Bird~ Formerly Esther Munoz, she grew up in Managua Nicaragua till she was about 17 years old. At that age she immigrated to America settling in San Francisco with her father and stepmother. Shortly after she started at Serramonte High School where she meet her future husband, Otto Bird.




Otto Bird~Otto grew up in Nicaragua with his identical twin brother. They both attended a private school called De La Salle until they both moved to San Francisco. While going to Serramonte High School he met his now wife Esther and in a year they were married and on the way to having their first kid.




Mike Bird~The first son of Esther and Otto Bird; full name Otto Michael Bird. He spent most of his life in different parts of Daly City and South San Francisco (The Mission), when he started high school him and his family moved Concord, CA.




Chris Bird~ The middle child of Esther and Otto Bird, after high school he began a heating and air conditioning company named airpro. Most of the family works within the company still today. After his marriage to Monica Lovalvo they had two beautiful little children, a boy Antonio Michael and a girl Estela Bird.




Otto Jr. Bird~ The youngest of the Bird brothers, he was the first of all the family to graduate from a 4 year college. When he graduated, he finished with complete honors.

Family Tree


Each circle represents a member of my family starting with my grandparents. The color of each circle tells you whether they are male or female, within the circle is a flag representing the citizenship that each family member holds.

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Weekend Conversations

Weekend Conversations

This past weekend my entire family came over to my house (as they always do). After dinner we were all sitting in the living room talking, suddenly the conversation turned to where we all came from and how I was the first real generation to be American. Not to say that my dad or his brothers weren’t born here, but they grew up having parents that had only been inside the country for a year, barely spoke english, and lived in a part of the city where it was basically a carbon copy of Nicaragua. Growing up the way my dad and his brothers did is the closet you can get to living in Nicaragua without being there. This is where my Dad’s girlfriend jumped in a began to talk about her experience of immigrating at 5 years old to this country and being granted political asylum. She said that the first memory she had was of missiles flying over her head and her dad telling her not to be scared they were just fireworks. This got me thinking about what my first memory was of; my first memory is of my being stuck on top of some structure inside DisneyWorld. The difference is extreme and an excellent example of the reasons why people want to move to this country. We have typically it much easier being born inside of the USA than other countries and should be thankful; but yet simple things like our first memory are taken for granted and make us less likely to be appreciative.