Motmot Migration

Core Concept 

         My film would focus on the young lives of Esther and Otto Bird before their quiet life in Concord, CA; they both immigrated to San Francisco from Managua, Nicaragua. I would like to discuss the process of them coming to America and also their lives in Nicaragua and San Francisco.


        Although the film will be about both Otto and Esther Bird, I would also like to include similar stories about immigration from family friends.

       Some who would be included are:

       Marjan Adalat – Migrated at 5 years old to America from Afghanistan.

       Michael, Chris, and Otto Bird – Children of Esther and Otto Bird

       Malva Munoz- Smuggled into the US from Nicaragua

       Alessandra Bird- Born in US and has never visited Nicaragua , but knows families struggle.


      The film would mostly be shot inside my grandparents home. This was the house they bought when they came to Concord and where both memory of their past ash their pride in America come together. I would also like to get some film in Daly City, places of my grandparents first experiences in California.


     Immigration has been a big topic in todays society and I would like to put a face to the topic. Also give a story to anyone who doesn’t know what it really means to live here.


    There is a sad history of dictatorship and political unrest regarding Nicaragua. Promise of change has been made over and over again but instead something even worse is put in place. This is why unless your a rich person for another country retiring inside a gated community, you want to flee and get away from the country that you call home.


     This film would be created for both immigrants to compare their experiences to but give them a story to say I did that as well and relate to. Also for anyone who grew up in America and don’t know anyone who have come from somewhere else.


     As the technical I would work as the director, but I would also be someone who is learning along with the audience.


     I am interested in this because I want learn more about where I came from and the past mr grandparents had. I believe it is important to capture people’s stories and sacrifices. Others need to see why we should be thankful we are we should be and understand what for many this country symbolizes.

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