Bird Story Elements

  • What’s the narrative spine of your piece?

The narrative spine would be Esther and Otto Bird living their lives under the war in Nicaragua, and once they come to America they meet each other and start their lives together and make a family.

  • What are your main characters? What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?

The main characters are my two grandparents; The shots that I have in mind is to conduct interviews of them while they  are just in a natural environment (ei. while my Lita is cooking). We will be recording them while they are watching footage of the war.

  • How is conflict driving your story?

Conflict is a big part of our story; First we have the obstacle of the war and all that it entails, however we also touch upon the struggles of immigrating to America and what it means to move to a new country.

  • What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?

At the beginning of the story I would like for the audience to feel comfortable and at peace, by the end they will feel empathy for what my grandparents and respect for what they have gone through.

  • What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?

Their move to San Francisco is the incident of which we will be focusing on but we will be entering the story from the “end” by seeing them and how their lives are now and then looking back.

  • What issues do you foresee having making your piece visually strong?

Although there are lots of archival footage of my grandparents from Nicaragua there is not a lot of content about the reality of the war and the ‘sad times’ the memories they captured are only from the good.