As I began to think about what topics to research and make into a documentary for my Living in a Media (or LMW) class three subjects popped into my mind.

Immediately I thought about researching the process of immigrating to America from another country, specifically from Nicaragua. I am second generation to be born inside the United States for my family. My grandparents were born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua and my father lived there for a good portion of his childhood; I am the only one not to visit. My grandparents and father tell me stories all the time about living in Nicaragua and the way they moved to California; my aunt has told me many times about the story of her sneaking into San Diego to try and escape her life in our poor country. Even though my family had a hard time getting here, they are now all legal citizens and some of the most patriotic people I know.

The next thing to comes to mind was my second love, dance. I would like to create a documentary on how hard a life in dance truly is and about all the different styles you can master. I have been dancing for almost 16 years, I went to my first ballet class on my 5th birthday and after that I was hooked. As I have grown I still love ballet and have even graduated to pointe, however I now have a deep love for hip hop dance. I always say that dancing is in my blood because before me my dad ran with a Bboy crew and won dance dance battles all over California. Even before my first class I was dancing, there is an old home video that shows me watching my dad and his friends dancing and bboying on some cardboard on the streets, after a while of watching them I attempted to try a copy what they were doing. I love dance and making a film about dance would bring together my two passions and really showcase who I am.

The last idea I had came from my mother. Since I can remember my mother has always been involved in politics, and she exposed me to that world at a very young age (I began precinct walking when I was two). I would like create something that discussed politics within California and talk about the relationship between the two head political parties. I believe this would be there interesting because I have many family friends that hold office within our state government. With the upcoming special election in Contra Costa county and the nation wide presidential elections I think this film could possibly help get our generation more involved in our government and begin to help make change.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching


Along with an obsession with imagination I also have a deep love for Audrey Hepburn. This is part of a painting that hangs on my wall, she always is there to tell anyone who enters my room that I LOVE movies old and new and that I cant wait to work on movies. All of her movies are iconic and I hope that one day that my work can be just as recognizable as hers.


This was on my  the day before my 18th birthday. I wanted to spend my last day as a "kid" in a place that inspired me to  work as a kid forever


This was on my the day before my 18th birthday. I wanted to spend my last day as a “kid” in a place that inspired me to work with my passions and do something that would allow me to some degree to be a “kid” forever; not in a boring cubical punching numbers all day XP.



FullSizeRender (1)


Sprouting from my love of the imagination, I did a quick drawing of what I believe my imagination looks like on the inside. I drew Rafiki (the wise baboon from Lion King) to represent my love of all things Disney and to symbolize that even in the mist of chaos there is reasoning and thought behind all of it. The fire he is surrounded by is my passion and drive that motivates me to create and do better everyday. Lastly the chaos in the background is to personify the randomness that I think about everyday.




This is an old picture of my dad and I before our frequent movie dates. Everyone tells me that even when I was young my mind was always racing and that I was curios about the world. My dad told me that I would tell him that I was going on an adventure and would be back in a few days, of course I always returned around lunch time instead.






Last and most certainly not least, my lovely schools logo. I love attending school at expression because it will be here where I will learn about how to make a living in something I love and will give me the tools to succeed in it. This is the sign that you see when you first come into the school and was the first thing I noticed when I first came to take a tour of the school. Now it serves as a reminder to me of where I started and the promise of where I will go.






Song Bird

vintage-songbird-1-debbie-dewitt[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


This is a song I made with my friend Tarek. The reason we made this song was to help me focus when I worked. I would get distracted easily and listening to movie scores (which is what I usually use to work) would stimulate my brain, and would make me think about the movies the songs were from. So together we made a song that would still give me something to listen to while I worked and was original so I could focus.

Welcome to the Nest

Welcome to the Nest

Hey there, my name is Alessandra Bird and I run this lovely blog Bird’s Nest. (ha get it I’m a bird this is a bird’s nest haha I’m hilarious).

A little about me; ever since I can remember everyone has told me that I have a big wild imagination; and I love that I do. An imagination can carry you through your whole life. Your imagination grows and learns as you do but can also take you back to your youth. Anything can happen in your imagination, just like anything can happen in a movie. George Lucas made an entire galaxy out of his imagination, Hayao Miyazaki took his fantasy and brought it to our world, Tim Burton took our nightmares and made them dreams, and Walt Disney took our childhood and show it to us. I want the opportunity to see where my imagination will take me; I want to be able to take my imagination and bring it to life. This is why I am enrolled as an Animation Visual Effects major at Expressions College for Digital Arts.

As a child my dad would take me to the movies almost every weekend; it was here that my love sprouted. Seeing all these fantastic places and amazing adventures made my imagination soar and still makes me want to go on an adventure. These movies helped shape me; as a child I would watch movies every day. I would sit watching, learning, and analyzing everything, listening to their scores; watching the background; figuring out what the story really meant and what it was trying to teach me. As I have grown I realized how much of an impact all the movies have had on me. The lessons they taught me; teaching me to help others, go an journeys, and try to change the world. I want to give to the next generation what I was given, I want to help mold the world and teach the lessons that I have been taught.

In a few years I hope to be working in visual effects. I want to bring the magic into live action films; make the explosions bigger; the monsters even scarier; and help bring adventure to the world. I want to be working with a major studio such as ILM, Weta Digital, Rodeo FX, or to have to big dream realized and be working for Disney Studios.