Q & A with The Team

Benjamin Horgan

Q: Who are you?

A: I live in Northern California and I am an 8 days a week art student, bar-tending, trouble make’n, busy little bugger on a bike. My short term goals after school include becoming a concept artist and screenwriter for films and video games.

Q: What drives your creativity?

A: A love of beautiful things and ideas. Originality and evolution, poise, finesse and intention. I intend to change the world for better with story, art, and technology. In part this drives my creativity but I find that being creative for me drives itself; it’s like a deep full well atop a great underground spring. Sometimes I don’t even need to reach in, it just overflows and washes over my feet. That’s why I tend to wear swim-trunks at all times.

Q: What do you create?

A: I am an illustrator and writer. I love to practice sculptural art as well.


Ryan Caldera

Q: Who are you?

A: I am a Sound Arts student at Ex’pression College and daddy to two wonderful kids.

Q: Why this project?

A: Before I decided to to go back to school, I had a career in the rehab mobility industry.  This made me familiar with assisted living facilities and lead me to meet many different people with many different stories.

Q: What do you create?

A: I love anything and everything music. I really enjoy the process of editing a song and creating a finished piece.

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