Project Proposal


Being Here


– Twin Wolfe Studio- Benjamin Horgan & Ryan Caldera

Intended Audience:

– Men and women age 25-60

Objective of Film:

– Our objective is to highlight retirees and how they have reinvented themselves.


– Light, ambient, non-lyrical music. Sound design to help illustrate the subject’s past as well as their reinvented present.


In a quiet, modern building located in Emeryville, there is a man starting his day. He walks through the lobby, greeting people as he passes, heading towards the rear entrance. He pulls out a set of keys from his pocket to open a door that appears to be for employees only in the parking garage on the ground floor. On the other side of the door os a small but neatly organized shop full of tiny sculptures that have striking resemblance to much larger ones found on the second floor courtyard and lobby. “These are models of those ones you saw when you walked in.” Sam says in a booming voice.

All she had to do was walk into a room to gain applause, but that did not prevent Harriet from giving the small crowd of care providers a little show. With a song and dance number on the fly, she gives us a glimpse of her good ‘ole days, performing on stages from Detroit to Berkeley. Once an educator, writer, singer, and actress, Harriet describes herself as always being a “cutup” which is clear in the way she approaches life at Bayside Park Assisted Living.

Having lived so much already, we will follow their stories and explore their pasts to find how they approach life in their later years.

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