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Belly Dancing has become my new small obsession. By definition, Belly Dance means a sensuous and provocative dance of Middle Eastern origin, performed by women, with undulating movements of the hips and abdomen. To get a better understanding of what a belly dancer looks like in action, check out the video below. Bay Area Professional, Suhaila Salimpour’s performance shows just how in sync she can move her body to the beat of the music.
Dont be fooled though, I’m told belly dance is not an easy one. On one hand, learning the basic moves, such as hip drops a thrusts may be easy, and it’s easy to learn them well enough to use them when you go out partying with your friends. But on the other hand, if someone wants to become a “real” performer, that’s not easy at all. Middle Eastern music is unfamiliar to the Western ear, with rhythms that are different from what we’re used to and lyrics in languages we don’t speak. It takes years of practice and dedication to reach a professional level. It’s like any other performing art, if you want to be good enough for show, that’s going to take some work. I want to dive into the world of Belly Dance, learn a little history about this traditional technique and find out just how hard it is to reach it to the top in a world few understand.

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