About Me

My name is Brittnie and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in California close to the Bay Area. I’m an artist and student currently studying Motion Graphic Design at Ex’pression College for the Digital Arts. I have always been fascinated with anything visual. Movies, art, dancing…you put it in front of me, I could usually find a way to be entertained by it. I’m defiantly a visual person and dance has always been appealing to me…I love every type of it…I think its always beautiful when a person can dance in their own unique styles, no matter what the form is. I’ve always appreciated cultural dance because many times, cultural dance has more meaning behind it; either with religious or traditional values, or telling a story from the past.
I have a friend who has been a belly dancer for about six years now and I’ve gone to many of her shows over time and just love watching her and her troupe perform. Belly dance is a beautiful dance to watch and honestly, is so misunderstood by most. Watching performers over time and seeing just how hard Ginger works gives me a better appreciation for the dance. I’m hoping that I can show others just how awesome this ancient art form really is.

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