World-Famous Bellydancers

There are a ton of well-known belly dancers out there; some that you would recognize and many that you probably wouldn’t, if you weren’t part of the scene. A Famous dancer everyone might know is Shakira. Shakira incorporates a ton of different dance styles, including a salsa, but mostly she uses different styles and techniques from Belly Dancing and has created her own style of dancing. Shakira is a major figure all around the world and I honestly always thought she danced more of a salsa-style, but now that I’ve learned a little more about her, I realize that she is just her own style of belly dancing, which is awesome :]
[youtube][/youtube] Other Famous Belly Dancers include a Turkish superstar named Princess Banu. Princess Banu was famous (for some, infamous) during the 70’s and 80’s in Turkey. Benu started her international career in 1976 at the Gallipoli in London and performed all over the world, becoming the best Turkish interpreter dancer. The Gallipoli was an elegant Turkish restaurant that became a famous venue for belly dancers after Banu began dancing there.
There is also a troupe of women who travel all around the world called Bellydance Superstars [BDSS]. BDSS had already performed concerts in 20 countries by 2009 including some of the biggest shows in bellydance history, anywhere. When theyre not touring, they teach bellydance workshops in places all over the world. They’ve made a number of DVDs and documentarys on the Art of Belly Dance and continue to to dance and build relationships with those within the belly dance community.
“We hope the BDSS will always be here to add to that pleasure and be a source of inspiration to dancers everywhere as we know our dancers constantly find inspiration from other dedicated dancers not only in bellydance but in all the dance arts.” – BDSS

These are just a few world-wide bellydancers, but theyre are plenty more, including Urban Gypsy, Jillina and Margaret Cho.

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