Universal Beauty

As you read this, check out the picts of belly dancers from all over the world.

Belly dance is so beautiful to watch; yet it is a form of dance that has been persecuted and repressed by many for thousands of years. Even in the Middle East and parts of North Africa, Islamic regimes deny that bellydancing is part of Arabic Culture at all. But for years, women have pushed to show the beautiful, feminine side of this ancient art. Belly dancing requires balance, grace and strength, yet it is accessible for every woman regardless of age, weight or ethnicity. Each individual dances with their own unique style and no two bellydancers are the same. It is not just a dance to seduce men, as so many feminists have said it is. It is one of the oldest dances created for women, by women. I found women asking about what exactly belly dance is and why women would dance this art form. Kimberly Garrison, a bellydance enthusiast said it best:

β€œIt’s a women’s art. You dance more for yourself than anyone else. The audience can watch and be inspired. It’s a sense of appreciation for women’s bodies. It’s a very different standard. It’s a celebration of curves and how to move in a women’s body. Belly dancing is decidedly a woman’s dance, so bringing it to the public sphere gives women a chance to be women in a place of power.”

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  1. Mohsini Ali says:

    It really is a “woman’s art.” I don’t understand why belly dancing, like so many other forms of expression, has been repressed for so long when it is such a beautiful art form in itself. Thanks for sharing Brittnie πŸ™‚

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