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My proposal

I am going to explore the world of beer, every day all over the world people are consuming this amazing beverage.  I am going to attempt to explore and explain both the technical aspects of how to properly pour different types of beer, the types of kegs they come in as well as the proper glass wear that is used for each type of beer.  While simultaneously exploring the different types and flavor differences that can be achieved from relatively simple ingredients.

The importance of beer goes quite deep, with almost every culture in the world having produced some form of fermented barley it is the most widely consumed beverage, next to water in the world.  It will also be interesting to document my journey learning about this topic in preparation to take the Cicerone Beer Servers Exam.

While the topic of Beer in and of itself is not all that unique, I am going to attempt to focus more on my experiences learning about this topic, and my personal progression discovering all of the different flavor profiles that exist from so many different types of beer for many different countries.  While i am going to primarily focus on beers that originate from Europe, Belgium more specifically, I will not ignore some of the very tasty local and craft brews that have been created in the US.

Some of the Media elements I am going to include in my blog will be video demo’s of how to pour different types of beer correctly, The proper way to change a keg.  Pictures of the different beer labels as I try new beers, and the description of the flavor differences in those.

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