A little about me

I have not always had the appreciation for beer that I do now, growing up in New Mexico there was not a whole lot of choices for import or craft beer.  It wasn’t until I moved to Portland, OR that I started to discover how good beer could be.  For many years Portland was considered the micro brew capital of the US.  This was the first place I had lived that had anything more than Budweiser of Coors on tap.

While I was in Portland I got a job at a beer distribution company merchandising and then driving trucks.  It was through this job that I really started to learn about beer styles and brands of beer.  It was working for Columbia Distributing that opened my eyes to many amazing beers.

As the years progressed I began to try new beers and new styles, but I only ever touched the outside of the world of Belgian beer.  Now I am here in Oakland working for The Trappist and that is teaching me the vast world of Belgian and Imported beers that I had not experienced before.

This is going to be fun journey and I look forward to sharing what I learn with everyone as this progresses.


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