A little about beer

So I realized I was just jumping in and giving reviews without giving any information about beer in general, not everyone knows the differences between say an ale and a lager, hell I didn’t know until fairly recently so here is my first attempt at giving just some very basic info about beer.

So lets start with Ales and Lagers and the differences between the two.  Let me first point out that ale’s and lagers are the two main categories of beer, meaning every beer you drink will fall into one of these categories. In order to explain the difference I need to talk about the brewing method involved.

To put it very simply Ales are fermented at higher temperatures, using what is called “top fermenting” yeast, which means exactly what you would think, the beer ferments with the ale on top of the barrel.

Lagers on the other hand us bottom or middle fermenting yeast and are brewed at lower temperatures.  Lagers also take longer to ferment because of the lower temperature.  If you would like to read a little more about this process here is a pretty good breakdown BeerTutor.

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