Emelisse Black and Tan

Emelisse Black and Tan
70 ABV:10%

This last Saturday was a big event for The Trappist, this is the bar I currently work at.  We were holding a tasting event for 12% Imports, an importer of many fine Belgian beers.  The main draw of the night was Emelisse’s Black and Tan, this was of particular interest because it was the only keg on the west coast and one of only three in the Country.  Emelisse’s Black and Tan is a blend of their Russian Imperial Stout and Triple IPA that is aged in scotch whiskey barrels.

This beer pours very dark, with a small off colored head, it smells of very strong with the scotch aroma coming through nicely.  The taste starts out very hoppy and then the smoky flavor comes through, right in the middle is where I would have loved to have tasted a bit more peat flavor from the whiskey casks but I didn’t get much of this, the beer finished very bitter.  A very good beer overall but it felt weak in the middle which caused the bitter finish to be a bit off-putting.  All this being said I would still recommend this at least to try out.

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