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467269_245886432173061_1505652100_oColin Felger

I am a simple fella who enjoys simple things. I love chicken wings, cigarettes, good cinema, and Randy Newman (amongst other vices). I am currently enrolled in the Digital Film program at Ex’pression College (Emeryville), because I have an undying love for film. My main goal is to one day write screenplays and perhaps direct films. Some of the bodies of work I have been involved with include, “The Legend of the Zarklar” trilogy, “Night of the Rubber Chicken,” and “Murder House.” All of which are masterpieces.


Christianne Kotoff:

I have an old soul and I am trying to live as new as possible.  In whatever I might experience in life; I hope to find the unique indication of those moments as my muse.

I am here at Ex’pression College to deepen my creativity in various ways that I have only dreamt about.  I want to take control of my artistic expression using digital film.  I would love to tell stories that I have imagined I would always tell, stories that I have created in my mind or have actually happened or will happen around the world. I want to be a story teller that illuminates the psyche or just simply transmutes awareness of existence; all by using the skills my imagination has access to. I am a sponge and when I am ready I will wring myself out over the world.


Diego Velez

Hello my name is Diego Velez, raised and born in a little country called Nicaragua. I moved to the bay to pursue my dreams to be a sound engineer, since i was a little kid I have always had an interest with music and live sound to be more specific. I am also a tech guy, i good with computers and phones and in my free time I like to fix phones for a hobby and also for business.


Itzia Portales

My name is Itzia Portales, I have a strange name that is descended from the Mayan civilization and am currently a Digital Film student at Ex’pression College in Emeryville.  Film brings life to a world that was once a story, or a simple thought of imagination. I wish to become part of this and make progress to what keeps our lives interesting and entertaining.

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