Rough Cut Notes

  • Awesome Narration; writing, delivering
  • Ending dialogue (sounds different)
  • Island access, the reality that its hard to reach
  • Made something out of nothing
  • Good Interviews
  • Hindu works with the story
  • Pirates have eternal suffering
  • Cows REALLY are sacred
  • Another segment? → Feel more closure
  • Good Humor
  • Good Intro
  • Real Night Footage (reenactment)
  • Treasure Island lady talked too much (but informational)
  • Let phrases breath
  • Cloud Cow, dissolve
  • Draw in more detail for existing drawings
  • Cow drawing is more clean than other drawings
  • B-Roll doesn’t fit 100% (little things)
  • Audio dynamics (fix lows and highs)
  • Vegan’s input
  • Hindu segment teasing spirits?

Rough Cut Notes
Rough Cut Notes

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