Interview Questions with Hindu Priest Greg Anderson

  1. Usually when people picture animal imagery in a religion, one of the first things that comes to mind, is cattle in Hinduism, Could you elaborate in this religion?
  2. Why are cows sacred in the Hindu religion?
  3. Do you by chance have any knowledge regarding the history of this particular custom?
  4. When reflecting on cows, do you think there is any insight people can gain on themselves?
  5. Obviously in America, people love beef. Being that you practice  Hinduism, I was curious as to what your thoughts are regarding this?
  6. If you could single out one key principle of Hinduism that separates itself from other religions, what would it be?
  7. Recently I’ve heard that one of the main principles of Hinduism is the idea that the past, present and future, all exist parallel with each other.  Could you elaborate on this?
  8. It seems as though cows are fairly egoless creatures, do you think that this principle is one of the reasons why cattle are considered sacred in the Hindu religion?
  9. What would you say Hinduism’s view are on spirits?
  10. We are all human and it is very common for us to get caught up in our daily lives and routines to the point where we don’t really think about the world around us. Do you think that practicing Hinduism relieves our jaded perception of the world, and if so, how?
  11. I think its fair to say that the Bay Area in general is  much different that the rest of the country. Especially regarding atmosphere and principles. Is it your opinion that the positive aspects Bay Area’s atmosphere reflect the principles of Hinduism in any way?