Core Concept

The core concept of the documentary is to reveal to the audience the Urban Legend known as “The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island.” One of our main goals is to highlight the idea that Urban Legends such as this one are ridiculous, but at the same time, they posses a sense of history and aesthetic that people can appreciate.

Interview Questions

What do you know about urban legends?

What do you know about the urban legend of The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island?

(Have you ever seen or heard of the cow on the island?)

Do you believe this legend could be true?

Why do you think the cow haunts the island?

Do you think cows are vengeful?

How do you see cows after hearing about this legend?

Our Game Plan

  • Sleepy Dawg Productions
  • The Island of The Phantom Cow
  • an in-depth presentation of how certain people react to a particular urban legend, it being, “The Phantom Cow Of Yerba Buena Island.”
  • We are going to approach this topic by obtaining interviews from people of different professions and backgrounds in order to give the audience a full understanding of this particular Urban Legend.
  • The Urban Legend itself, the history and development of the island, the pirates’ lifestyle, the point of view of vegans, the spiritual aspect of cows in general, and essentially why urban legends exist.