My Questionnaire For The Vegans

Here is my questionnaire:

1. What inspires you to be involved in animal rights?

2. Do animals have emotions, and does that influence your decision to abstain from consuming their bodies and byproducts?

3. When did you first get involved with animal rights?

4. What is the Berkley Organization for Animal Advocacy?

5. When did you first join the Berkley Organization for Animal Advocacy?

6. What are some of the events your organization takes part in to spread awareness of your cause?

The second half of the interview would be related to the urban legend I my film is about and how it symbolically ties in with your organization’s principles.

7. Have you heard of the Urban Legend of “The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island”?

(If they have not, I will brief them on the story)

8. Being involved with animal rights, do you think this story is symbolic in regards to how animals are treated today.?

9. Do you think a cow would mourn for its lost calf?

10. If you were starving on an island with a cow, what would you do?

11. If you lived peacefully with the cow, what would you do if pirates came to eat her calf?

The Basic Story Of The Phantom Cow

I’ve always been fascinated with urban legends, but one of the main principles of “The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena,” that makes stand out from other tales, is the subject matter and its story. It seems more mellow and somber compared to other urban legends such as “The Hook,” or “The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs.” The story of the Phantom Cow began before California was a state. It involves a mother cow and her calf who lived peacefully on the island of Yerba Buena until one day pirates showed up on the shores and devoured the mother’s calf. Ever since then, the Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena haunts the island at night, searching for her lost calf.

Link To Animal Rights Activist Group

Considering the fact that I want to approach this topic at every angle, I think it is appropriate to get the perspective from an animal rights activist and see what he/she thinks about the moralistic aspects of this particular urban legend.

NOTE: Although I do know know which particular individual will be interviewed, I contacted the student website and they responded by stating that I am welcome to drop by any meeting. They are on Fridays from 5-6PM on the UC Berkeley Campus. I told them April 17th would be the date I visited.