Final Critique Notes

narration leading to hindus helped

longer pause after intro, into driving scene

ghostly moo, for mood (good idea)

audio for horns

great, hilarious

disconnect between whats being and whats being shown

polish drawings/new drawings

sequence and variety are nice but too quick, to much info make a slower pace

fix strobing effect on filters/ distracting

not all shots need old style filter

better ending, not leave on ‘you wouldn’t kill your mother?’

“you wouldn’t kill your mother?”, should stay
(recognize what audiences reaction is whether good or bad?)

make a trip out of his interview?

make sacrifices in film

fade barge sound into moo sound.

great audio

use contrast on blue psychic? (better interview)

Treasure Island Lady interview, in or out?
(use narration guy instead of lady)


Rough Cut Notes

  • Awesome Narration; writing, delivering
  • Ending dialogue (sounds different)
  • Island access, the reality that its hard to reach
  • Made something out of nothing
  • Good Interviews
  • Hindu works with the story
  • Pirates have eternal suffering
  • Cows REALLY are sacred
  • Another segment? → Feel more closure
  • Good Humor
  • Good Intro
  • Real Night Footage (reenactment)
  • Treasure Island lady talked too much (but informational)
  • Let phrases breath
  • Cloud Cow, dissolve
  • Draw in more detail for existing drawings
  • Cow drawing is more clean than other drawings
  • B-Roll doesn’t fit 100% (little things)
  • Audio dynamics (fix lows and highs)
  • Vegan’s input
  • Hindu segment teasing spirits?

Rough Cut Notes
Rough Cut Notes

Interview Questions with Hindu Priest Greg Anderson

  1. Usually when people picture animal imagery in a religion, one of the first things that comes to mind, is cattle in Hinduism, Could you elaborate in this religion?
  2. Why are cows sacred in the Hindu religion?
  3. Do you by chance have any knowledge regarding the history of this particular custom?
  4. When reflecting on cows, do you think there is any insight people can gain on themselves?
  5. Obviously in America, people love beef. Being that you practice  Hinduism, I was curious as to what your thoughts are regarding this?
  6. If you could single out one key principle of Hinduism that separates itself from other religions, what would it be?
  7. Recently I’ve heard that one of the main principles of Hinduism is the idea that the past, present and future, all exist parallel with each other.  Could you elaborate on this?
  8. It seems as though cows are fairly egoless creatures, do you think that this principle is one of the reasons why cattle are considered sacred in the Hindu religion?
  9. What would you say Hinduism’s view are on spirits?
  10. We are all human and it is very common for us to get caught up in our daily lives and routines to the point where we don’t really think about the world around us. Do you think that practicing Hinduism relieves our jaded perception of the world, and if so, how?
  11. I think its fair to say that the Bay Area in general is  much different that the rest of the country. Especially regarding atmosphere and principles. Is it your opinion that the positive aspects Bay Area’s atmosphere reflect the principles of Hinduism in any way?

Interview with Psychic Suzanne Freed

Here are our questions we asked Suzanne Freed

  1. In your own words, what does it mean to be a psychic?
  2. What is a psychic phenomenon?
  3. What is a medium?
  4. When did you realize you had this gift?
  5. How long have you been a psychic?What do your duties consist of, being a psychic?
  6. Do you have a particular method when working with clients?
  7. Do you have a connection to the other side?
  8. How would you define “the other side’?
  9. Have you ever received information from the other side, regarding events, tragic or not, that occurred a very long time ago?
  10. What do you see or feel when getting in touch with the other side?
  11. What do you see or feel when getting in touch with the other side?
  12. Have you ever experienced anything disturbing from the other side (demonic entities) What was that like?
  13. Regarding your abilities, is there some form of spiritual guide, or do you have your own abilities which are independent of a spiritual guide?
  14. Can you explain the difference between earth-bound spirits and spirits who have crossed over?
  15. Do you think non-humans can be earth-bound?
  16. Why are some spirits earth-bound?
  17. Are you able to turn off your connection with the world so you can have time to yourself?
  18. Are you experienced in animal readings?
  19. Do you think the principles of “the other side” apply to animals as well?
  20. Have you ever known information regarding a criminal case or act of violence that no one else knew of?
  21. Can the energy of people or animals be drawn to a certain place even after death?
  22. Have you ever been to a location that you had no prior knowledge of, and felt a wave of “dark energy” so to speak? (Especially in the Bay Area)?

Core Concept

The core concept of the documentary is to reveal to the audience the Urban Legend known as “The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island.” One of our main goals is to highlight the idea that Urban Legends such as this one are ridiculous, but at the same time, they posses a sense of history and aesthetic that people can appreciate.

Interview Questions

What do you know about urban legends?

What do you know about the urban legend of The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island?

(Have you ever seen or heard of the cow on the island?)

Do you believe this legend could be true?

Why do you think the cow haunts the island?

Do you think cows are vengeful?

How do you see cows after hearing about this legend?