Project Proposal

Homobiles Project Proposal

Title: Homobiles

Overview: This documentary is about Homobiles, a non – profit cab servic in San Francisco, why it was started and how the owner keeps it going.

Collaborators: Krackamya Welch, Alisha Hazelton, Nathan McClun. Together we make up Kick Rocks productions.

Intended Audience: Anybody, especially those interested in making their community a safer place.

Objective of the Film: That helping your community is important, you can start something small and grow it larger

Soundtrack: Not sure what the sound of the soundtrack will be yet, but once our rough cut is completed, krackamya’s friend will be composing original music for the final film.


Our film will be made up of interviews from Lynee, the founder of Homobiles about why and how Homobiles was started, the daily struggles of keeping Homobiles going, and the hopes of where Homobiles will go in the future. We have also completed an experiment by calling Yellow Cab Company while on the phone we filmed the automated system putting us on hold for an extended amount of time while waiting to speak to a dispatcher. After getting a hold of a live person we had them send a cab to our location. When the cab arrived, we filmed the cab driver’s reaction when we told him we didn’t have any money to pay for the cab ride. He couldn’t drive away faster. We then called Homobiles and filmed the phone call. When the phone was answered it was by a live person, not an automated system, which felt friendly and personable. When the dispatcher was told that we didn’t have any money, they said no problem and that a cab would be there as soon as possible. Krackamya and Nathan have also completed several ride alongs and some b- roll interviews with some of the cab drivers and a few patrons who have used the Homobiles taxi service.

At some point in the film we also plan to focus on something Lynee said in the interview, and that was that you can’t put a price on safety. Lynee goes into detail on why Homobiles was started and that the main focus is how they give a safe ride at any time of day to anyone who needs it, even if it’s only a couple blocks. We also plan on portraying in some way the importance of helping your community. When Homobiles started, it was a way to help Lynee’s closest friends get from point A to point B safely. It quickly expanded to the rest of the community and Lynee was in the middle of something wonderful for the community that was never expected.

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