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I am gearing this blog towards helping me organize a video project that I want to do on the ladies of Polk street in San Francisco. If you don’t live in the area, or are unfamiliar with it, then you are missing out on some colorful characters. The particular ladies that I am talking about, I have found to be incredibly funny, lively, vibrant, and intelligent. These girls are people just like like you and I. They all have a story to tell, they have hopes and dreams, and they overcome the obstacles of their day, usually with a smile on their face and a kind word for their neighbors. The biggest difference between these girls and the proverbial ones next door is that these girls are sex workers. They are marginalized, occasionally exploited, sometimes outright ignored, and mostly misunderstood. One more thing, these Ladies are all either transexual, transgender, or transvestite. The problems that they face on a daily basis may not be the same ones that most people encounter throughout a typical day in their lives; the bars that they frequent and the places that they hangout may not be the ones that you are used to; and their fashion is probably not anything like what most of you would even consider wearing. These ladies are still people though, and have the same basic needs and rights as all humans. I want to try and help show people what a day in their world is like. A world that not a lot of people are familiar with, even though some have lived on the fringes of it for most of their lives. I want to introduce people to some of the these ladies and let them tell their stories. I want people to understand some of the dangers that they face on an average working day, and to hear what their motivations for continuing to engage in this line of work are. I would also like to take a look at what some of their hopes and aspirations are, and how they plan on turning them into realities. I will also be interviewing people that live in the neighborhood and interact with the girls regularly, to get outside perspectives on what goes on in the area. I will be talking to some of the local bar owners and employees of neighborhood businesses, the firemen of the local station, the manager of Diva’s, and possibly some of the ladies patrons. It is my hope that this project will help to give a voice to one of San Francisco’s more colorful neighborhoods, and to put a face to some of the residents.  

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  1. Krakamya – I really like your project idea. If you have a chance before final presentation to make your header legible (no black text on blue/black background – try white text instead) I’d appreciate it.

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