The Art of Cop Hating

So……… when I was younger, it seemed like a lot of my friends had hobbies of one form or another. I didn’t really wanna be the out crowd, but trading baseball cards and collecting stamps wasn’t really my cup of tea. It may not seem like hating the police is the obvious alternative solution, but it works for me. I decided that instead of collecting cards, coins, or stamps that I would learn how to say ” I hate cops” in as many languages as I could. I can say it in 26 languages now and am always looking for new ways to add to my collection. If you are a native speaker of a language that isn’t English and would like to contribute to my collection, throw it up here. Also, if you are curious about how to get beat up in 26 different countries, then hit me up and I will share my collection with you. As you might imagine, this past time coupled with the fact that I have “I hate cops” tattooed across my stomach has caused me to come into conflict with law enforcement officials in a lot of different places. The upside to this is that it is great songwriting material. Silver Linings, I guess. Thank you for shopping and please come again. Slayer.

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