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This blog is dedicated to my buddy, Bullet. He and I were really good friends from elementary school all the way through middle school, he’s two years older than me – we used to ride the bus together. Right before I graduated from 8th grade his family moved to the East Bay where he finished up high school and we were able to remain good friends throughout the years. Now that he’s graduated from college he works for a local start-up company and has now taken an interest in street art. Truth be told – it was the documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” that sparked this ridiculous idea but he seems into it enough to commit to it. At least for a tag or two.

Because Bullet and I go way back he allowed me to focus my blog on him as he starts his new hobby of street art. He’s agreed that I can show everything from making of the stencils all the way up to the final product under one restriction – because he has just started his new job and is actually beginning his career he’s asked that I don’t show his face or use his real name, which I totally agreed to do.




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