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My name is Pat. I was born in California and have spent the majority of my life growing up here and around the Bay Area. ¬†Currently I’m 22 years old and attending Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville studying in the GAD (Game Art Design) program. In 5-10 years I plan on working for a video game studio (I have a few places I’d like to work already picked out) or if I’d like to start my own video game studio with some friends.


I made these logos and at first glance you’d probably be confused as to why
A) It’s half in Spanish
and B) What do you and a white trash duck have in common?
Back in high school my name in Spanish class was Pato Con Mullet (duck with a mullet). Pato came about because it’s just my name with an ‘o’ attached to the end. At that young, naive age, everything to me in Spanish just had an ‘o’ at the end of each word but with my name it actually worked turning my name from Pat to duck.¬†Being in my teen years the silliest things were funny, in this case it was mullets. I loved that name in my Spanish class so much that when I originally wanted to go and study film I was going to name my production company Pato Con Mullet, but now it will be the name of my video game studio if/when I start it.

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  1. I love the images that you have!… great job Pat!

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