First Tag

Bullet and I went out late night over the weekend and lurked in the shadows somewhere in the Bay Area and we put up the Stormtrooper stencil. I was on hand to help him hold it up and another friend was there on look-out. We didn’t do it in an obvious place so it won’t attract attention but it’s up┬ánonetheless.

This is the freeway post that we put it up on. The other tags were already up on the wall so we put up the stormtrooper in the top center of the other work.
Here it is close up:

This was his first tag and my first time going out and doing something as hoodrat as this. We learned a few things doing it; how to hold the stencil so the paint won’t drip, how to actually spray onto the stencil etc. We weren’t alone either – a nice little homeless person’s hut sat close by but they didn’t seem to be bothered by what was going on. I’m sure they’re used to things like that by now.

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