Spray Paint Vending Machine

This is pretty sick – a vending machine that vends all your tagging needs holding everything from spray cans to ski masks to hide ones identity.

Not too sure on whether or not this thing is real or not, but if it is it would be amazing. Every train station could use one.


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3 Responses to Spray Paint Vending Machine

  1. Everett Coe says:

    Hëy Pät… This is sweet. Where ever did you find this? These should be everywhere. Though chances are they’d be broken into and emptied in no time, given the characteristics of the underground graffiti scene.

  2. haha this is so cool! i wonder if it really is real, because whoever invented this is a pure genius

  3. Dude, This is awesome! They should put one of these in our school. lol

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