Tag, You’re It

Well, here it is folks. Our final video on how we do our own Stencil Art.
Watch it and let me know what you guys think!

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First Tag

Bullet and I went out late night over the weekend and lurked in the shadows somewhere in the Bay Area and we put up the Stormtrooper stencil. I was on hand to help him hold it up and another friend was there on look-out. We didn’t do it in an obvious place so it won’t attract attention but it’s up┬ánonetheless.

This is the freeway post that we put it up on. The other tags were already up on the wall so we put up the stormtrooper in the top center of the other work.
Here it is close up:

This was his first tag and my first time going out and doing something as hoodrat as this. We learned a few things doing it; how to hold the stencil so the paint won’t drip, how to actually spray onto the stencil etc. We weren’t alone either – a nice little homeless person’s hut sat close by but they didn’t seem to be bothered by what was going on. I’m sure they’re used to things like that by now.

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Interview With Bullet

This is my interview I did with Bullet. Per his request his voice has been altered since he wants his privacy kept.

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Spray Can Sound Collage

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/11571366″]

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The Necessities For Tagging

This is a chart of the necessities for some, in this case Bullet, to go out and tag. As you can see Bullet is the center of this diagram and from there it branches out into four major categories: Tool Kit, Friends, Time of Day, and Car.

Tool Kit: Probably the most important part of any street artists accessories when venturing out to go tag a spot. The tool kit has duct tape (to hold up the stencil), the stencil itself and spray paint. To make the stencil you need some cardboard, a straight edge (rulers are best, but in the absence of one a text book will suffice) pencil to draw it out, sharpie to make the final cut lines and of course a knife (box cutters work best) to cut it out. When it comes to spray paint the best brand fro graffiti is MTN and which color you use is completely a personal preference. Black is the best for stencil art – quick and easy.

Friends: Another key factor in tagging is having good, trust-worthy friends. It can’t ┬ábe expressed enough how useful it is to have your own group to help. Three is a pretty solid number of people to take with you – two people are spotters (looking out for people/cops) and the other is to help with holding the stencil help out with putting the image up. You should never take more than four people with you – you don’t really need three people on look out nor do you need three people trying to put up the stencil and two is too little because that either leaves only one person on lookout then.

Time of Day: Another important part of tagging is what time of day it is. Day time is the perfect time to go for a drive/stroll and look for good spots. Don’t be too obvious about it, you don’t want to be standing around a blank wall with some friends debating about the size or position the stencil should be. Scouting locations can be done at any time of the day but don’t leave it until the night you go out to tag looking for a prime location because you’ll lose valuable time. The best time to go out at night time would be anytime between 1:00AM-3:00AM because most cars will be off the road and cops should just be on patrol so make sure that when on foot you don’t look suspicious to any cars driving by. The tagging will take about an hour or so, from start to finish, so make sure you give yourself ample time.

Car: The car is going to be either extremely handy or it’s going to be something you can do without. It’s an extremely handy tool when it comes to scouting out locations – just drive around and keep your head on a swivel for good spots. The car is also clutch when it comes to carrying your tool kit and transporting your friends. It could also be used as a good getaway vehicle. WARNING!! Do NOT park right outside the spot where you’re going to tag because it’s going to be a bit too easy for cops to catch you if they see you spray painting and then get into your car. If you choose to drive to the spot that you’re going to tag, make sure you park a few blocks away and walk it. And don’t drive a car that’s going to be extremely obvious (like one with a trillion bumper stickers).




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