Here is some recent information I’ve found on my topic, there’s grammar and misspellings, but it’s just rough, unprocessed notes:

~Jennifer Pritzker, (1974-2001) retired army Lt. Col, Forbes’ first transgender billionaire
~Kristin Beck, (1990-2011) Former Navy seal. Huge proponent in pushing for transgender rights in both society and military.
~Chelsea Manning,(2007-present Active duty appellate leave)Army soldier who was convicted in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act
~Christine Jorgensen, (1945) First transwoman to receive SRS, served in the army during WWII
~Calpernia Sarah Addams, Joined the navy (1990-1994) to escape an “oppressive christian upbringing with no future” grew up in a “christian fundamentalist cult” the navy showed her the outside world. Was in the navy hospital corps, where it was acceptable for her to show empathy, and nurturing.
~Autumn Sandeen, She joined the Navy (1980-2000) to develop marketable job skills. She didn’t leave the navy realizing; of being transgender, knowing she would need an income for her transition after retirement.
~Callahan Miller, Knew of his gender identity at 15, joined the army (1983-1986)and served androgynously, except at formal event, where he was forced to wear a skirt in his dress greens.
~Cheryl Costa, served in the U.S. air force (1970-1981), joined in order to expand her experiences, see the world and to indulge in the newest technologies. She left the military after her divorce from her wife, afraid she’d rat her out to her superiors

1.3 million active service members 15,500 transgender, 300,000 transgender vets of 26 million

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