Project Name:

The title of our documentary is “TranSoldiers”.


Our production team name is Trans-Alliance Productions. The collaborators of Trans-Alliance Productions are, Aria Blystone, 
Austin Angelman, 
Rob Fuller, and 
Trevor Forry.



This documentary is about Aria Blystone, a transgender woman, and her struggle with her transition in and out of the military.


Intended Audience:

The intended audience for this documentary is for everyone. While the topic might be controversial to some, in no way are we presenting anything inappropriate for children and people of all ages.


Object of Film:

Our hope is to raise awareness about the military’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military today. Even with the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, many transgender people serving still must live in secrecy.



As for sounds, there will be marching footsteps, revelry, and miscellaneous military medleys. Ambient music that fills the sound during the interview and transitions.


“ We’re just people. We want to live our lives, we want to go to movies with our significant others, we don’t want to be harassed, we don’t want to be beaten up, we don’t want to be killed for being ourselves. We just want a happy life like everybody else.”

Our film is about the struggle on transgender individuals serving in the military and the negative affect it can have on people because they are allowed to serve honorably but not openly.

Our documentary sheds light on the issue that doesn’t get much attention and that is the struggle transgender people face not having the right in the military to be who they truly are, when they are in fact laying down there lives for other peoples rights. Using interviews with our main person Aria Blystone, who will share insight with her personal stories of being transgender in the military and how it affected her. Giving her knowledge to the audience that might not know much about the topic and why it needs to be changed.

Also using a zoom recorder to gather people’s opinions on whether or not trans people should be allowed to serve in the military. Most of our footage will be from audio/video interviews filmed at Expressions College. We will also have archival photographs from our interviewers life.

The ending of our film will an interview sharing how the viewer can help support transgender people.

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