Final Critique Notes

Here are the notes we received from our final critique:

  • – People could relate more to the added stories and situations of being bullied in the army
  • Missing the impact of the original ending quote from our rough cut
  • Good visuals that helped move the story along; that being said, they would like to see more personal photos and less stock footage
  • Themes that were present were Strength and a symbol of freedom
  • A possible change in the ending was to make it more inspirational, like “rising up from the ashes”
  • Break up long scenes of dialogue with photos or other media clips
  • work on pacing, let the film and moments breathe
  • have music play a more emotional aspect; almost another character to the film

Rough Cut Notes

– There’s a better sense of a story with a deeper sense of character. But the story is not a complete one. Need more from beginning to end. But the subject is appealing and honest

– green screen background threw people off and was distracting

– there’s the makings of a good story here; has good basics; and killer quotes — quote at the end really knocked the message home

– needs some attention to composition details

– news footage + interviews really help show the conflict, the character, and the change

– More of a personal connection with our subject; more photos while in service; photos of family; before and after photos. More supportive evidence

Upcoming interviews!

I am excited to say I have two interviews coming up on Wednesday the 22nd of October.

The first is with Andrew H, he served the air force for 2 years from 1988 to 1990.

My second is Kayla, she served in the army from 2009 to 2012.

Whats the difference??

I was asked earlier what’s the difference between transgender and homosexual. This is a good question.

Transgender is a term used for individuals who don’t identify with their assigned gender.

Sexuality is who an individual is attracted to.

It’s a fact that just because you are transgender doesn’t mean you are gay or straight. Myself being a transgender female attracted to women makes me a lesbian, not straight. Individuals do not transition to attract someone of the opposite sex, they transition because they feel that they associate closer with that gender, we’re not out to trick men/women into being attracted to us.

Example: A transwoman doesn’t “become” trans to attract a male, they are trans because they associate closer with females. It’s their sexual orientation that makes them straight or a lesbian, it’s vice versa for transmen as well.

By the numbers

~there are more than 15,000 troops in the armed services today.

~2.2 percent of transgender Americans serve in the military.

~0.9 percent of other Americans serve in the military.

~nearly 90 percent of transgender service members are male to female.

Study byTransgender Military Services Report by the Palm Center at UC-Santa Barbara