intro and conclusion

The introduction for TranSoldiers will open with the Trans Alliance logo crossfading to show stills and/or video of transgender individuals in the military, illustrating the topic on a global level. Leading into the interview with Lexi, starting with questions about her upbringing and family life

The conclusion will summarize in voice some of the key points that Lexi described. Fading out on her answer to the question “In what ways could people watching this do to support?”

interview questions

what are your preferred pronouns?

At what age did you realize you were transgender?

What branch did you serve with in the military, for how long, and what was your job, are you still enlisted?

Did being transgender influence your decision to enlist in the service?

What was your reason for enlisting?

How did you handle being transgender in the military?

How were you treated by fellow service members?

Did being transgender have anything to do with your departure from the service?

How difficult has it been to find a job as a trans person?
(if veteran) Would you serve again given the opportunity?

how do you feel about the military’s ban on trans individuals from serving?

Did being trans effect your ability to perform your military duties? If so how?

Did others in the service know you were transgender?

People out there in America who have no idea what being transgender means what do they need to understand?

Where is America when it comes to the acceptance of trans people?

What is your thought on California passing the school success and opportunity act allowing transgender youth the ability to fully participate in schools across the state.

Canada and Britain allow for transgender troops , when do you think the US will? What’s stopping them?

What was the toll of suppressing and hiding who you were truly throughout the years?

What did the military offer you?

Was it hard to be kind of living that double life in the military?

Are you doing anything actively in the trans community to help change the ruling in the military?

In what ways could people watching this do to support?

When did you tell your family? Were they supportive?

Our approach

Our approach moving forward from LWM is to really be direct with our message. Our message being that transgender people are allowed to serve but they can’t be open about it, forcing people to hide who they truly are. We plan on interviewing one or two people and getting really personal with them, with voiceovers providing facts and direction with the issue that is still vastly overlooked during a time period of a big LGBT movement. We plan to make this piece informative yet showing the personal sensitivity of the subject with our interviewees.

Upcoming interviews!

I am excited to say I have two interviews coming up on Wednesday the 22nd of October.

The first is with Andrew H, he served the air force for 2 years from 1988 to 1990.

My second is Kayla, she served in the army from 2009 to 2012.

Whats the difference??

I was asked earlier what’s the difference between transgender and homosexual. This is a good question.

Transgender is a term used for individuals who don’t identify with their assigned gender.

Sexuality is who an individual is attracted to.

It’s a fact that just because you are transgender doesn’t mean you are gay or straight. Myself being a transgender female attracted to women makes me a lesbian, not straight. Individuals do not transition to attract someone of the opposite sex, they transition because they feel that they associate closer with that gender, we’re not out to trick men/women into being attracted to us.

Example: A transwoman doesn’t “become” trans to attract a male, they are trans because they associate closer with females. It’s their sexual orientation that makes them straight or a lesbian, it’s vice versa for transmen as well.