About the project

In my project I am focusing on the huge amount of Trans individuals in military service or on Trans individuals who have served. It’s a little known fact that there are roughly about 15,000 transgender troops serving in the united states armed forces today, and several thousands more who have served and are veterans, myself included. Since the military does not allow these troops to openly being transgender, the individuals must hide, against their will, in order to continue to serve. Not only is this toxic to the individuals, in most cases it can exacerbate their dysphoria. Several of the people I will be shedding light on in this project are remarkable individuals, making huge strides for humanity and equality.

Not only are there approximately 15,000 transgender individuals still serving in our armed forces today, but another 300,000 transgender veterans, myself included. In this project I will be spreading knowledge and shedding light on this misunderstood topic. Trans individuals are just like everyone else, have the same drive, passion and patriotism as well. Hopefully by the end of this project I’ll be able to clear up some misconception and ignorances. Also delving into several points of views and psyches on the several different reasons why transgender people serve, as it’s different for every individual.

My target audience for this project is anyone who is willing to open their minds to a controversial topic: trans individuals in the military, for why shouldn’t they be allowed to serve? I will be taking a hands on roll in this project, seeking out other transgender veteran to pick their brains on their service, reasons for joining, whether or not their gender identities played any part in their decision and discussing their time in the armed services.

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