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Aria Blystone


Hello out there in internet land, since you are all here on my page I guess it’s only appropriate for me to introduce myself. My name is Aria Gwen Blystone, I was born and raised in Springfield Missouri. From an early age I had been enthralled by video games, with 2 older brothers, I was often left by myself. It was the character designs of Keiji Inafune and of Yoshitaka Amano that gave me the dreams I have today, I am destined for video game greatness ~.o
Though I hadn’t always followed my dreams of game design, I am back on the right course now.
I have struggled most of my life with Gender Identity Disorder, or GID, and at 20, I had decided on two option, one to begin transition through hormone replacement therapy, or two, stake it all on one last ditch effort and join the Army, if it couldn’t make a man out of me, nothing would. I went gung-ho too, enlisted as a cavalry scout and went to airborne school. I got stationed at Ft. Bragg N.C. for 11 months before being shipped off to the sand box. I spent 13 months in a place called Scania in Iraq, being sent home compassionately after the death of my brother, 60 miles north of where I had been stationed.
After leaving the Army at 25, still not feeling like a “man” I forced myself into marriage, because that’s what society would expect of me. After 4 years I had realized that this isn’t going to work out for me either, so I left my wife and began seeking help for my GID. After battling some major dysphoria, I was able to start Hormone Replacement Therapy in late September of 2013, it was at this time that my life started to feel as if it was really, and finally starting to pull together.
Finally feeling comfortable in myself, I shook off the prison bars I had stuck myself behind, and I remembered my life long dream of working in the video game industry. After lots of Googling, I found Ex’pression, rated in the top 20% of game design schools in the U.S.A (What a better time to pursue this, I thought, by the time I’m done with school, I can be finishing my transition as well)
So finally the day came for me to leave home. I packed up what I could and started my 1,900 mile trek a crossed half of the country, and that brings me here today. My goal in coming to Ex’pression is to pursue my dreams in game design and art, especially character modeling, rigging and animation. I would love to eventually land a career with Sony of America, and eventually possibly get to design my own game. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, for you never learn if you never question.


Austin Angelman



My name is Austin Angelman. I am a Game Art and Design major at Ex’pression College. Ever since I was a little kid playing on my dads Sega Master System I’ve been hooked on video games. I’ve had many games in which I’ve played and drawn attached to the story or a certain character within the game and that is something thats always lead me in my creativity. The ability to create something from my imagination that could hold meaning to someone else or become someones favorite character is a feeling I can just never get over. Some of my biggest influences for my creativty would be Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima, the creations they come up with continues to blow my mind and make me strive harder when creating my own works. Ten years from now I plan on working perhaps at Ubisoft or SquareEnix, but I would be happy making video games at any company really because I just want to create things for people be drawn too and create experiences for them. At this current time I have been drawing and working in photoshop, but look to start creating some of my drawings into actual 3D models in programs such as Maya or Blender!

Rob Fuller


My name is Rob. I am a married biker, in my mid 3o’s and newly enrolled in college. I searched extensively when I decided to go to college as to where to go. Expression College was the first that I visited and set the bar in terms of accessibility, facilities, and location. Ultimately the fact Expression offered a bachelors degree was the biggest factor in my choice. I pull creativity from many different places the most prominent being the music that I hear; I believe nothing can invoke more thoughts than music. In ten years I see myself with my own recording studio thriving and helping people to express themselves musically. One would assume my biggest influences to be producers and mixers inside of the goal of having my own studio. Actually I would site artists, bands, and authors like Joseph Vargo, Disturbed, and Edgar Allen Poe.They compelled me to pursue music as a career and not just a hobby. At this point in my college career I have not begun to create any music. I believe every single person is creative. I will listen to music and analyze it, describing exactly what I would do or have done differently.

Trevor Forry


My name is Trevor Forry. I am a Graphics Design in Motion major at ex’pression college. This is my 3rd college I’ve attended. But I believe you can’t be happy until you find the right fit. It just took me 2 other colleges to find the right school for me; and I couldn’t be happier.

There are a lot of things that drive me creatively. I love to travel. There are so many places to explore, different cultures, new people to meet, and amazing buildings/ruins to explore. Music and photography are also passions of mine that help drive me creatively. You can tell so much from a photograph, and music (playing piano specifically) is such a great escape, it allows me to free my mind if I am stuck on a design or having trouble deciding what to create.

In 10 years I hope to either be working at Pixar or Disney, or traveling the world doing freelance graphic design work in various countries. That’s one of the things I love about graphic design – almost everything can be done via email. So I could technically work anywhere… Adventure is out there!

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