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We are Rule #3 Productions; we are producing the documentary film /Anonymous. Our group members are: Eric Reitz, Pierce Dolim, and Benjamin Ng.

(Eric Reitz)

I am Eric Reitz, and I post to the /anonymous blog hosted by Ex’pression.
Seven Lions and his music profoundly inspire me; after seeing him at Burning Man last year, I was convinced that Ex’pression in Emeryville was the ideal school for me.
I spent 6 years in the Air Force as a biomedical engineering technician, and learned about many engineering disciplines (all are used to innovate healthcare).
That being said, I am creatively driven by nature and various engineering disciplines.
Ten years from now, I hope to still be producing music and that I enjoy producing as much as I do now.

There are too many big influences on my personality and music to list in an ‘about me’ page, but I’ll list my top 4:
-Albert Camus
-Gambit/Second Sun
-Myths of Apollo

I like to make all sorts of music ranging from electronic to orchestral; my favorite thing to do when making music is synthesizing strange or complex sound effects through modulation, send effects, and manipulating wave interference patterns. I have also been a member of various anonymous web communities for about 10 years, and my interest in/ attraction to these communities naturally drove me to choose the topic for our documentary.

(Pierce Dolim)

I’m creatively driven by my desire to make what I wish to enjoy. All I ever do is make things that I enjoy, without caring what other people think, and I’ve always gotten feedback that boosts my creative desire. My drive to become a game designer was originally driven by a question in high school; what would you do in a year if you had the money and the people to make it happen? I would make the videogame I’ve always wanted to play, and that’s all I want to be doing 10 years from now.
I’ve been influenced by what most people in the 90s were influenced by; playstation, xbox, and nintendo. I take everything in, I don’t generally pay attention to one thing. I do have my own preference of videogames, but I still like to pay attention to it all.
For now, I sculpt, I draw, and I play videogames of course. If I had more experience with Autodesk Maya then I would be animating things for myself, but sadly all I know is how to animate, not how to set up things (well enough) to animate. I have mudbox, a 3d sculpting program down, but the biggest wall in my way is rigging. Expression college will definitely help me achieve my goal.

(Ben Ng)

I’ve lived in Berkeley, California for the majority of my life. I graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2009. I pursued careers in education, cooking, green energy and game design before enrolling in motion graphic design at Ex’pression.

I feel that I’ve been given great opportunities, and that I have a responsibility to take advantage of those opportunities. People would kill to be in my position; I try to stay aware of that.

I feel very ignorant, even concerning the subjects I am “good” at. I try to be an Olympian about the skills I am eager to develop; unfortunately, I have multiple interests so it’s unlikely I will ever be among the very best.

I study motion graphics, writing and game design. For exercise, I rock climb. I have a lot of respect for Buddhism and Taoism. The book that influenced me the most was 1984 by George Orwell.

About the Project

There’s a paradoxical aspect of anonymous web communities: People are more willing to share their deepest feelings and desires with other members of anonymous web communities than with other people they see or physically interact with on a regular basis. My project will seek out members of anonymous web communities in postings through those communities …

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Interview questions

Here are all the questions I covered in my interview with fellow anonymous web user, “Noko:” 1. How did you first find out about anonymous web communities? 2. What initially inspired you to use them? 3. What- would you say- are the most positive aspects of sites like 4chan and SomethingAwful?

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Illustrator ideas

Here are a few concepts of the logo I’ll use for my teaser video and website.

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