Sep 02

For the last 6 years, Drug Agents have had access to decades’ worth of AT&T call data

If AT&T is your phone provider, calls made up to 26 years ago may have been been listened to.

Aug 29

Defund the NSA Petition

Here is a petition that is trying to defund the NSA, I recommend signing it.

It’s not even at 2% of the signature goal of 100,000. The end date is on the 25th of September, 2013. This petition needs to get more attention if we want the privacy we’ve been promised but denied.

Aug 23

/Anonymous Rough Cut

Here’s the unpolished Rough Cut.

Aug 02

Documentary film approach

As production for /Anonymous continues, we’ll add posts often regarding how the narrative takes shape.

Rising over the West

In this post, we’ve outlined our approach for /Anonymous with great detail.
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Jul 26

Security and Liberty

20130610(Click to enlarge)

Ostensibly, the NSA’s vast surveillance program is intended to protect the American public. The questions as to whether this method is effective, and if this is the true reason for the program, cannot be answered because that information is classified.

As government surveillance increases, security increases… to a point. A strong, oppressive government can become the greatest threat to security that its populace faces.

comic by Zach Weiner of

Jul 26

Nothing to hide


(Click to enlarge)

People who have nothing to hide on the internet should still be concerned by the NSA’s attempts to gather data on it’s citizens. A government who knows everything about it’s citizens behavior can easily manipulate them, especially if nobody else has that data.

comic by Zach Weiner of


Jun 30

/Anonymous teaser

I’ve linked my teaser/ trailer below.

I hope you enjoy watching my teaser!

Jun 30

Interview questions

(This page is also indexed in my ‘About’ section.)

Here are the questions I asked in my interview with fellow anonymous web user, “Noko:”

1. How did you first find out about anonymous web communities?

2. What initially inspired you to use them?

3. What- would you say- are the most positive aspects of sites like 4chan and SomethingAwful?

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Jun 12

Anonymous ideals

In this gallery, I describe a few anonymous ideals and the motivation behind them.

3d printing

Picture 1 of 5

Members of anonymous are extremely excited about 3d printing as a revolutionary technology. The line between manufacturing conglomerates and consumers has become blurred.

Jun 12

Proxy stacking

7 proxies
As outlined in my infographic, a common form of anonymizing is routing through multiple proxies. This is sometimes referred to as onion routing. An old internet memetic exists in which users boast about being behind “7 proxies.”
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