Project Proposal

This is what our project is about

TITLE – RYSE: A Local Uprising

COLLABORATORS: – NOGGIN Productions    Andy Sanchez & Marilyn Herbison

OVERVIEW – This documentary is about how the Richmond, CA RYSE Youth Center impacts young people’s lives.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: People ten years old and up.

OBJECTIVE OF THE FILM – To show that when the community invests in our youth, that change in the community WILL happen.  But it takes involvement, money and time.

SOUNDTRACK – The beginning will be made up of street noises, the sound of a bus ride into Richmond, the sound of rain in the background, all the sounds a young person growing up in Richmond might hear on a daily basis; traffic, Bay Area Rapid Transit, buses, etc.   The voices of our interviewees will tell the story of RYSE both on screen and as voice overs.  We will hear ambient sounds recorded at and surrounding RYSE.  There will be the sound of rain in the background at the start of the film.  As we move into the center, the pace will pick up and Andy’s original music will push with it’s uplifting beat.

TREATMENT – We start our journey on a bus-ride into the city of Richmond, it is dark and raining.  There is depression, darkness, poverty and despair all around us.  The ride is long,  taking us into the world our subjects experience every day.  We see with their eyes what their world looks like every day.  This is reinforced by film treatments that give a reddish-blueish tint that adds an oppressive feel to the shots.  We hear the bus stop, and the film changes to a first-person ‘walk along’ with the camera shots having an unabashed shaky feel to them.  We hear voice overs by the RYSE employees, attendees and students telling us about the challenges of growing up, living and working in Richmond.

We transition indoors and are introduced to the RYSE students, employees and attendees we have been hearing as they continue to tell us about the challenges young people experience in our community. Now there are lower thirds with each person’s name and status at RYSE.   We hear and see that the rain continues.

We introduce the hope that is RYSE and the film treatment brightens up.  The pacing of the cuts speed up and the reddish-blueish tints are removed.  Our interviewees begin to tell us how the RYSE helps people and how change can take place. We are introduced to the Oscar who only came to RYSE to do community service and he shares how spending time with people outside his ‘norm’ has opened up his eyes to other choices he has.  He begins to realize that he doesn’t “have” to be in a gang to belong.  The other youth tell us that they know other at risk youth who have benefitted from the programs RYSE has to offer and they have changed as well.

STYLE – Informal interviews, and point of view. We allow the story to tell itself through the voices and images of the interviewees.  We do layer a bit of grit at the beginning in order to make a point.




April 3rd 2014————————————————-

These are our very fluid thoughts on our project!


COLLABORATORS –  RISE Andy Sanchez & Marilyn Herbison

OVERVIEW – This documentary is about how the RYSE Youth Center impacts young people’s lives.

INTENDED AUDIENCE – People ten years old and up.

OBJECTIVE OF THE FILM – That change in a community can happen with awareness and involvement.

SOUNDTRACK – WIll be somewhat ambient and changing throughout the film. To represent the transition from worse to better.  There will be interviewee voice overs, and original music.

TREATMENT –  Introducing the raw realities of the living conditions in Richmond.  Taking a short tour around the city, giving an idea to the viewer of what the culture is like. Feeling for the locals and what they experience and to hope with them for a better community.

STYLE – Conversational, frank, simple style. We will use interviews and see the youth and employees interacting at the RYSE center.




The Ryse Center is a community center in the city of Richmond that aims to tackle society’s issues revolving around children and how the state of the world impacts them. Ranging from schools, food production, discrimination, unfair laws, and young violence. For the kids, they offer tutoring and small art programs that cater to the creative young mind. Music sessions, art, cooking, gardening, the center provides a safe place for kids and teenagers to find their passion, get on track, and know the world they live in without getting lost in it. Even though Ryse is a community center and does mainly focus on local children. They do their part in sharing information regarding the rest of the world, and what can be done right at home.

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