Standing Together

Ryse in Action (Examples)


Harder than I though it would be. But I thought the overall idea was accomplished. Of how the young can lack a source of motivation and can become lost in other things, only to become part of a crowd that get’s no attention. We all must be careful that our next step is the right one.



This was the piece I put together for our lab assignment. What I actually managed to do was express all three topics in the collage, mostly because I do feel for these topics but must settle. Luckily I think I will be able to link them together in the future.


LMW Idear’s:

Even though I missed the first class and had to come up with topics on the spot, I think my three actually came to be pretty deep subjects. Deciding which would be best fit is another thing..

-My idea’s were:

  1. Subliminal Messaging: The Variety, Effectiveness, and Impact of Brainwashing
  2. Dangerous Education: The Debt Sentence No Child is Prepared For
  3. Human Kindess: Story of a Local Community Youth Center aiding students of all ages overcome challenges society provides, and behavioral evolution.

I feel that informative contacts are harder to come by on the first two subjects, but have plenty of potential.