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Roughcut recommendations:

Feedback from the class concerning our rough cut:
1. Be sure to name the interviewee’s!
2. Introduce the RYSE center sooner.
3. Brighten up the RYSE, make sure audience acknowledge the protagonist.
4. Careful with transitions/Not too much “black screen”

Project Approach

Interviews, live approach, narrator, archival content, action shots will be some of the things we use in shooting the project. More ideas and techniques will potentially rise during the shoot. There are also other idea’s we have yet to experiment with.

It appears that the reflexive approach, having the interviewees tell their story – how the RYSE Center has affected them, seems to work best with this documentary.


Voiceover Script

Written draft of the audio post to the project’s voiceover

Voiceover Script

“Growing up. The inevitable journey that bothers the young, and challenges the inexperienced. A demanding society takes toll on minds presently forming, lacking motivation for those lost. With unsupportive schools, discrimination, young violence, and a founder of aggressive solutions. The city like many others plays role to producing closed minds.  The Ryse Center is a community center in the city of Richmond that aims to tackle society’s issues revolving around children and how the state of the world impacts them. Offering music, art, cooking, and gardening activities that cater to the young creative mind. The center provides a safe place for kids and teenagers to find their passion while getting to know the world they live in without getting lost in it, and together try to better it.”

Standing Together

Ryse in Action (Examples)