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Meet The Team

 Andy Sanchez – Research, Contacts, Access, Audio, Filming, Editing, Music, Interviews

Born in Oakland, raised in Richmond. Currently a freelance musician that strives to know about all I can and the way things work, so I may understand and therefore teach others about things hidden. I incorporate this idea into music, whether it be ambience or a full-length song I mean to tell a story with every kind of piece I create. This documentary project is another form of expression that I can still utilize my objective into something direct. With many subjects on my list to cover, I’ve chosen to use my home as an example for change. Exposing the good at the center of a town looked down upon is the way to hopefully inspire others not local to us. Through this example I wish to revolve the project around a message of hope, and changing for the better.

Marilyn Herbison – Research, Filming, Editing, Audio

“Long ago I had a dream to be in “The Theatre”.  I was raised on Hope and Crosby “on the Road to” shows and Shirley Temple films in the midwest. I realized that I was not a particularly talented actor, and theatre scene shops felt like home, so I majored in technical theatre.  Emphasis in Stage Management.  Life events occurred, and I joined the United States Air Force in 1984, and retired (from that) in 2006.  I worked for several government agencies and was furloughed and laid off.  I decided now is the time to do something  I am passionate about.  I want to tell people’s stories.  I’m also driven to have my own recording studio to record voice-overs, audio books and do audio post-production.  I am perfecting the tools so I CAN create and get the things I see in my mind’s eye into a format that others can see and hear as well.

For this project, I only know what Andy has shared about the Richmond RYSE Center, but I have done lots of volunteer work over the years and been involved with creativity and children – so I know a little about the importance of empowerment.  This is a project I get more and more excited about as I think of the impact it can have on both the individual and the community.


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