Interview Questions – In Progress

– Not everyone outside of Richmond may have heard of the RYSE center. Can you tell us what it is?  And what is the RYSE to you, and to the community?

– What does R.Y.S.E. stand for?

– Can you give us a little history about the RYSE center, was it created to meet a need, how did it get here?

– How about your ‘history’ with  RYSE?  Has the personal history you are writing changed direction in any way?

– Tell us about the mission, vision, and values of RYSE?

– How does the RYSE make a difference in these children’s lives?

Project Approach

Interviews, live approach, narrator, archival content, action shots will be some of the things we use in shooting the project. More ideas and techniques will potentially rise during the shoot. There are also other idea’s we have yet to experiment with.

It appears that the reflexive approach, having the interviewees tell their story – how the RYSE Center has affected them, seems to work best with this documentary.