This was the piece I put together for our lab assignment. What I actually managed to do was express all three topics in the collage, mostly because I do feel for these topics but must settle. Luckily I think I will be able to link them together in the future.


LMW Idear’s:

Even though I missed the first class and had to come up with topics on the spot, I think my three actually came to be pretty deep subjects. Deciding which would be best fit is another thing..

-My idea’s were:

  1. Subliminal Messaging: The Variety, Effectiveness, and Impact of Brainwashing
  2. Dangerous Education: The Debt Sentence No Child is Prepared For
  3. Human Kindess: Story of a Local Community Youth Center aiding students of all ages overcome challenges society provides, and behavioral evolution.

I feel that informative contacts are harder to come by on the first two subjects, but have plenty of potential.

An Activist Gene?

I just recently found out that I’ve had family take part in important cultural movements in the past. Perhaps it’s possible that passions are inheritable? Music is also in my family’s past and I know a lot of us are inspired by older members. Who’s to say other traits aren’t genetic?

(My great uncle standing behind Kennedy, during the United Farm Workers movement.)


On the Real Though..

Regardless of me pretending to be a private investigator for the human race, around friends I easily shut that side of my brain off to just have a good time. Video games, football, and enchiladas happen to be certain favorites of mine when it comes to not being a workaholic.


Not tooo tech savvy, but creating/modding instruments out of random devices to make stupid sounds is someting I enjoy.


My sense of humor is either thought related, or so down to earth you’d swear I’m underground.






Joggin’ the Noggin


A sort of generalization of what is literally constantly flowing through my head. Call it strange, but I feel a sort of obligation in assisting the world in many aspects. I strive to set hidden information free. Always observing the ground and skies, and continuously questioning what we’re told is true. To share this information INDIRECTLY is another hobby of mine. To make another think, and stimulate the senses is a step toward creating a more proactive community. I think we can all agree that the collective human mind has seen better days.

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