Inside Look: Sound Engineer Aye G


MGTA- A production team of 4 students, Andrew Flores, Genessa Peralta, Thomas Wheeler, and MJ Arunbold.


A day in the life of a young sound engineer.


This documentary is intended for all ages and anyone who is interested in sound arts.


This documentary will give u a first hand insight to the day in the life of a sound engineer. The viewer will take away with them the lesson that hard work pays off and if you truly want something you must keep at it. We will also see how he builds his clientele.


We will hear his original music and also the records he is working on.


This documentary will show our audience that you can chase your dreams while balancing out your everyday lifestyle and still be successful. It will take place at AMG studios where we will introduce our main character Aye-G and he will explain to our audience how he started his studio and what drove him to pursue this dream. We will also interview some of the people he works with to explain what he does and how it is like working with him. We will focus on what it is like on a regular day for him and the people he works with. Our interviews will show Aye-G working and the perspective of his business. We will show Aye-G working in his studio, recording, and mastering. We will ask the others that he works with what it is like working for Aye-G personally. The other main characters are Dominic, Jordan, Brandon, and Mikel. They all work with his personally and will tell us how it is working with him on a business level and a personal level. They also run a music blog so we will also ask them about that and how they run that.

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