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Collages Session 3Andrew-Flores

Love What You Do.



This is a collage i made of Dr. Dre, one of my favorite producers. I distorted the colors to resemble the hulk because i thought that would be suitable because they are both huge.


“Trust Your Ears”

In music my mentor always told me to trust my ears which means close all forms of focus and open your ears to the music. I usually close my eyes when doing playback on my creations.Andrew-Flores-LMW-photoshop-image-1


In this picture I have a stressed out engineer and two of my favorite artists Lana Del Rey and Johnny Cash in fault line studios. I changed the colors of the walls as well.Andrew-Flores



Live performance is a huge part of the music industry. Above is a picture of jesse and the rippers (without any rippers) and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Logos Session 4








“Flores Flowers”


My last name is Flores and it means flowers in spanish. I thought it would be clever to have a flower shop named Flores Flowers/


“Bills Tavern”

This is a play on Bilbo’s house in the hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Andrew-Flores-Logo-2.00-JPEG

“Bills Tavern Rough”

This is a rough draft version of Bill’s Tavern that I made influenced by The Hobbit.




This is my nickname it comes from my last name which is (Flo)res the top one is my name in Chinese and the bottom is Japanese.

Illustrator Infographic diagram session 6



This is a diagram of the “Manley” microphone. This is my favorite mic to use and what is used at Faultline Studios. pic found online

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  1. Flores Flowers and Bill’s tavern: I think your type is a bit small. The chinese and japanese translations of your name would be something like “fa” and “lo” put together.

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