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Aye G (Austin Garcia)

Aye G is an up and coming engineer from South San Francisco California. He is enrolled in sound at LMU in Los Angeles and is owner of A.M.G. studios which has 3 separate locations in California. One is Los Angeles, South San Francisco, and San Mateo. He is definitely an engineer to look out for and is scratching the surface in the Music Industry. Check out some of his work!

Twitter @A_M_G_Studios




Alexander J

A graduate of ex’pression college, Alexander J specializes in hip-hop music. He produces beats and instrumentals as well as being a professional engineer. He also helps out at home studios spreading his knowledge and helping striving engineers.

Instagram @alexanderj100



Johnathan “Jmoe” Moe

Jmoe Is a 28 Year old sound engineer and family man. He has produced many bay area legends such as E-40, Ya Boy and Andre Nickatina. He has worked with Grammy Award winning artist Slim of 112 and nominee Paul Wall.Listen to his engineering work on the home page!



De’la of Trak Nation

De’la of Trak-Nation is responsible for most of the songs being spun on hot 105.7 and 106.1 KMEL. He is a phenomenal producer and engineer. He is making a huge splash in the Bay Area and has found the sound that everyone is looking for. Listen to some samles of his on the home page!

Twitter @DelaMusik




Rapper and sound engineer from East Palo Alto. This engineer has easily over 10 years of experience and knows exactly what a track needs. His producing is top notch and he specializes in Hip-hop.




Lo. is a producer, hip-hop artist, and student engineer from Foster City, California. He has mixed, mastered, and produced for many bay area striving artists and has even worked with members of Pro Era, an on the rise rap group from New York. Lo. is 21 and currently resides in the Bay Area.


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