• Your production team name


  • Working title of your film (or best guess)


  • The LMW1 final pitch media piece (and project website)

  • Answer to the question: what’s your film about?

This project shows first hand what sound engineering is from an active and thriving sound engineer. Aye-G is 21 years old and owns 3 music studios, One in L.A. and two in the Bay Area. He will show us what to expect in the near future and how he is making money doing what he loves.

  • What APPROACH (or approaches) will you use for your film?

We will be witnessing a young engineer who is thriving and breaking into the industry right now. He has interned and learned from some of the best in the Bay Area. He is going to tell us his story and what to expect when pursuing a career in sound. He knows it is possible to achieve success in the field of sound and he is going to tell us how.

The interviewee will narrate the video.

What OBLIGATORIES do you have on the list for your film?

Basic Day in the Life of a Studio Engineer

Name of equipment 

Personal Equipment Choices and Why

The typical studio session.

Pre Production/Post Production process

Show Visuals of recording studio

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