Rough Cut Critiques

  • Work on repeat footage
  • Add projects he has worked on
  • Add more footage of main character talking
  • Talk about the obstacles he had to overcome and his struggles
  • Talk about what he does and what he has achieved
  • Audience wants to see him create what he does
  • Framing needs fixing
  • Audience wants to see him engineering
  • Evidence of his credentials
  • Music to support the story
  • In one segment show or play the music he has produced
  • In the Intro show his achievements upfront
  • Walk audience into the world he is in
  • Imagine they don’t know anything about Aye-G
  • They want to see more of him maybe outside the studio
  • Need shots of him other than in the studio, exaggerate what he does
  • Audience liked the main character
  • The concept was pure and understandable
  • Nice collection of interviews
  • The interviewees and him talking about his sister works well
  • Music is well selected, but needs to be structured with the story

Intro & Conclusion

Introduction – The introduction to our documentary will start with footage going inside one of three of Aye-G’s studios. An overview will show the studio as a whole and then have footage of Aye-G talking to us about how he balances his everyday lifestyle with his business life. Then we will show our audience the different equipment that he uses in his studio with closeup footage of the equipment. We will use a voiceover with our footage as well.

Conclusion – From there we will tie the story together by showing our audience that you can be young and successful while going to school and also pursuing your dreams.

Core Concept

This project shows first hand what sound engineering is from an active and thriving sound engineer. Aye-G is 21 years old and owns 3 music studios, One in L.A. and two in the Bay Area. He will show us what to expect in the near future and how he is making money doing what he loves.

LMW Audio

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